You might know me as RudeOwl, but my real name is Monica. I’m a person with many interests and I try hard to be better and better at many things at once, sadly ;P I work as a computer graphic, my passion is drawing illustrations or concepts, in my free time I bent over comics storyboards and 3D sculpt while drinking coffee. Maybe one day I will be epic, for now you can take a look at what I managed to create, hopefully it’s not all that disappointing =^● ⋏ ●^=
Over Eyes story begun long time ago and first pages of comic have been drawn almost 2 years ago so you’ll have to forgive me for some style differences. Story is actually very long! I really hope I will learn a lot while drawing this and one day I’ll become one of the best mangakas! (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ


After thousand years of of continuous sleep, the last black-winged son of the king of Pahjola, Shiba Ryuu, is finally freed from his stone prison. Fighting with overflowing memories, he tries to commit suicide, but does not succeed. Coincidentally, he meets San and Kenta, siblings who up till now didn’t even realize that winged people exist in this world. What will meeting with Shiba change in their lives? And what does owl witch and winged demon observing him want? This is the beginning of Pahjola’s prince’s adventure, full of past mysteries and twists of fate.